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Lincoln Road is a Dining Paradise | Cherry Magazine

October 17, 2013

One of the best things about having an office on Lincoln Road is the proximity to great restaurants. South Beach is relatively tiny, but there's more fine dining in those 23 blocks than just about anywhere this side of Manhattan. Here's a list of our fav places, and you can see a detailed list of Miami restaurants here.

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana
Whether you opt for the prix fixe delights of the Miami Spice menu or venture further into the deliciously decadent Italian courses presented at this chic Lincoln Road eatery, you will not be disappointed in the tender mussels, lemony carpaccio, house made pastas or Colorado lamb t-bone. Many spots on the mall are strictly geared to a quick shopper's lunch but this is a dining room more suited to romance! Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, 1014 Lincoln Road, South Beach.

Sushi Samba Dromo
Miami Spice comes to South Beach and Sushi Samba Dromo's $35 menu features the best of Japan, Brazil and Peru with 3 courses of fresh seafood tiradito or ceviche, a choice of tender duck confit, Japanese Picanha or assorted sushi rolls and sweet splendors like natilla, corn pudding or milk chocolate mousse for dessert. - Sushi Samba Dromo, 600 Lincoln Road, South Beach.

Flame Cafe & Grill
Sometimes dining out on South Beach can feel like you've slipped into a parallel universe, especially Espanola Way's quaint European landscape which seems a million miles away from the hard light of the Art Deco strip. That's exactly where this tiny, 30-seat steakhouse has just started serving juicy burgers, BBQ ribs and all things delightfully carnivorous! - Flame Cafe, 447 Espanola Way, South Beach.

Pubbelly Sushi
Sunset Harbour's favorite watering hole has attracted a devoted cadre of followers who don't mind shelling out the big bucks for a myriad of pork-filled small plates including pork belly sliders, pork belly ramen and pork belly ice cream (maybe not that last one). It should come as no surprise that the supreme temptation of an empty restaurant right next door might appeal to these west side pioneers who are opening a less porky sushi spot this week! - Pubbelly Sushi, 1424 20 Street, South Beach.

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