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CHERRY is Wild About Lincoln Road's Brilliance NY Salon

June 28, 2012

When it's time to let the professionals show you how to turn your schoolgirl looks into something a bit more daring, put yourself into the hands of the friendly professionals at Brilliance New York on Lincoln Road Mall! CHERRY's new summer intern Meghan discovered the wonders of a quickie South Beach makeover on her way to lunch the other day when a stylist from the salon offered her a scratch-off lottery ticket that turned out to be worth 50% off her entire purchase! If you register online at you can also nab a 25% off coupon. SCORE!

Meghan skipped the takeaway counter and placed herself in the capable hands of Angel, a truly heaven-sent beauty miracle worker who started by taming her summer frizzed locks with a diamond flat iron and then took her look from drab to dynamite using mineral based makeup and powders that smoothed out the rough spots, tamed her natural redness and added a more subtle and summery glow to her complexion. Brilliance also produces great DIY hair care videos that make it easy to get the same flawless salon looks at home.

Happy and transformed, she returned to the CHERRY office with a goodie bag stuffed with a new, hot-pink hair iron, a mineral-based foundation that made her skin look natural but flawless and a pinwheel of shimmering eyeshadows that Angel used to create a dramatic daytime look that can easily be kicked up after hours! Best of all, that scratch-off card made all her new beauty essentials really affordable on a summer intern's salary (of basically no money but lots of GREAT experience). Way to go Meghan. We can't wait to go to Brilliance NY!

Brilliance New York is located at 631 Lincoln Road Mall, South Beach (786) 276-6389.

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